Eco Country Torre Barbieri

The ECO philosophy is a commitment, an ambition and a project for the future.
ECO-Country is a term used to describe an accommodation like Torre Barbieri that has invested in its structure, in order to minimize its impact on the environment. Ecological sustainability is a conscious path: from the choice of natural materials such as wood, stone, iron, to real investments in buildings, such as the installation of water and electricity systems that avoid waste of resources and that respond to a strictly controlled energy plan. Torre Barbieri engages in water purification and decalcification, collects and recycles rainwater and has installed solar panels to produce hot water. Finally, it uses two photovoltaic systems for energy production and storage.

The design of a plant for the automatic switching off of lights, the use of low consumption light bulbs, twilight detectors, two solar systems that exploit the sun produce hot water and two photovoltaic plants that produce electricity are the concrete levers to reduce the pollutant emissions and fossil fuel savings. A plan to use appliances of the highest energy class and the use of heat pumps for cooling and heating are added to achieve energy saving objectives. A powerful and modern wood-fired boiler and other stoves with the same power supply guarantee heating and hot water for many rooms.

A plant that includes all the suitable areas, from the roofs to the courtyards, guarantees the collection of rainwater with a recycling system and a collection tank allows the watering of the gardens and plants.

Torre Barbieri actively participates in the separate collection of waste produced by the structure to encourage the re-use and recycling of raw materials and undertakes to use ecological paper for stationery uses.


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